Chia-Ling Phuah MD, MMSc



Chia Ling Phuah has a diverse scientific and educational background that spans molecular, systems, and computational neuroscience with a research portfolio that includes active projects in genetics, neuroimaging, artificial intelligence, and machine-learning. Her research focuses on advancing the understanding of how white matter injury influences cognitive impairment, neurodegeneration, and stroke using computational approaches for deriving novel biomolecular and imaging phenotypes, and leveraging multi-modal data from large, well-characterized cohorts. She leads research on elucidating disease mechanisms in cerebral small vessel disease using machine-learning and neuroimaging genetics (supported by NIH K23 NS110927 and the American Heart Association), and identifying molecular and cognitive signatures of white matter injury in vascular cognitive impairment and AD-related dementias (supported by the CCAD New Vision Award).