PhD Candidates

Ryan Bowen

A neuroscientist with backgrounds in neuroplasticity, stroke, neuroimaging, and biomedical engineering, Ryan’s research interests center around the application of cutting edge wide-field optical imaging. He uses this powerful tool to investigate patterns of neuronal activity that predict recovery after stroke, as well as to examine neurovascular coupling changes in disease states.


Leah Czerniewski

Biomedical engineer developing new technologies to study the cellular basis of Alzheimer’s Disease and neurodegeneration. Expert in super-resolution light microscopy, fluorescence, and cell culture. Additional background in consulting, market analysis, and patentability assessment.


Allison Martinez Mejia

Biomedical engineer with a background in neuroscience, biophysical modeling , and cell and tissue engineering. Co-advised by Dr. Song Hu, Allison is using combined two-photon and photoacoustic microscopy to study brain energetics and the implications of impaired neurovascular coupling. Her research is focused on finding novel therapeutic targets and biomarkers at the single-cell level for neurological diseases, specifically in Alzheimer’s. Allison is also active in the scientific outreach community and was recently awarded the BME Outreach Award. This award is given to a doctoral student who has demonstrated a commitment to fostering science and engineering beyond the departmental, school or university borders.

Undergraduate Students

Alymuhammad Bijani

I am a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis, studying Computer and Data Science. I’m Currently investigating how brain waves look before and after stroke using wide-field calcium imaging. My interest is in applying mathematical concepts to provide solutions in different areas of Computer and Data Science as well as researching new innovations in the vast field of technology!

Yoonho Cho

I am an undergraduate at Washington University in St. Louis studying neuroscience and bioinformatics. In my free time, I like to try new food, go to the gym, and run!

Sarah Dunivan

I am an undergraduate at Saint Louis University, studying neuroscience and math. I am interested in studying sex differences and the role it plays in stroke recovery. In my free time I like trying new coffee shops, going to concerts, and watching Chiefs football!

Juana Derdoy

Arnav Ajay Jadav

Mentored by Dr. Landsness, my interests lie in translational research aimed at unraveling neuroplasticity and brain repair post-stroke. I currently conduct behavior scoring and correlate brain MRI with Wide Field Calcium Imaging. I want to continue integrating advanced molecular biology, neuro imaging, and data analysis techniques to help patients in the long run.

Esha Kapoor

David Lee

I am currently engaged in studying the influence of slow wave sleep and the parafacial zone on neuroplasticity following a stroke. My primary approach involves using animal behavior and histology to determine the relationship between behavioral deficits and the volume of the stroke. I recently became more interested in exploring biological mechanisms involved in stroke recovery through neural remapping.

Jake Lee

Cindy Li

Shreyas Venkitaraman

Brendon Wang

Sandro Xiao