Our research is currently supported by grants from the following organizations:

National Institutes of Health

R01NS07822302: Optical imaging and functional connectivity mapping for mice

R01NS084028: Influence of interhemispheric connectivity on recovery after focal ischemia

R21NS083529: Enhancing lysosome biogenesis to prevent amyloid plaque pathogenesis

R01NS094692: Targeting TFEB to microglia and monocytes to enhance amyloid degradation.

5R37NS110699: Plasticizing the Cortex to Enhance Stroke Recovery

U24NS107230: Mid-America Regional Coordinating Center (MARCC)

UF1NS125512: Washington University + University of Texas Southwestern VCID Consortium Site

R01NS120481: Integrating TPM and PAM to examine the metabolic underpinning of neurovascular repair after stroke

Barnes−Jewish Foundation
Lillian Strauss Endowed Fund/Cerebral Aneurysm

Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Association
Enhancing Lyosome Biogenesis to Prevent Amyloid Plaque Pathogenesis